Monday, June 20, 2011

Orlando Magic-Dwight Howard

Orlando's star Center Dwight Howard has refused to sign a contract extension and will become a free agent this summer. He wants to win a title in Orlando but is willing to leave in order to win a title. The Magic need to build around Howard for now then mid-season trade him for multiple trade chips like the Denver Nuggets did when trading Carmelo Anthony to New York. They need to exploit the free agent market. The Magic need to keep Jason Richardson and sign a Power Forward like David West, Kenyon Martin or Glen Davis. The Magic also need to get a Small Forward because Hedo Turkoglu is nothing what he used to be. Josh Howard of the Washington Wizards would be good as well as the Detroit Pistons, Tayshaun Prince. once this has been done the Magic need use these players to their potential. If they can co-exist with Dwight Howard the Magic will be title contenders once again rather then pretenders. Although they will contend they will not win a title. This would make Dwight Howard leave and hopes of winning a title will be over. Dwight Howard must be traded. This trade would be between multiple teams. This kind of trade would have Dwight Howard leaving and multiple players moving between teams. A trade like this could imitate Denver's Carmelo Anthony trade. During the summer Orlando would have recreated a 5-seed 6-seed team with free agents and the add Dwight Howard it becomes a 2-seed 3-seed team. After the big trade Orlando would have much more depth and would be a 1-seed 2-seed team. This could attract 2012 free agents like Chris Paul, Kevin Love, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, or Derrick Rose. If one of these players can play well while the other players playing the game the way they did before the Magic could then win a championship. The Magic have to ditch Howard or Orlando will become the next Cleveland.

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