Monday, June 13, 2011

Miami Heat-LeBron James

Last summer LeBron James decided to take his talents to South Beach to make 1 of Miami's big 3. At first it was hard for Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh to co-exist. Many people considered that Chris Bosh should be traded since was least soring big with 16 points per game compared to James's 26 and Wade's 25. Late in the season and in the playoffs they were able to play well together and won games. The Boston Celtics were taken down in the second round by Miami. Miami then took down the Chicago Bulls. In the NBA finals the Miami Heat Big 3 were unable to play well together. Chris Bosh proved that he is a member of the Big 3 and Dwayne Wade was spectacular. The only problem was LeBron James. In game 4 LeBron only had 8 points while ended up losing by 3. In game 5 LeBron had 17 points and they lost by 12 points. Some say the Big 3 can not co-exist but maybe that is not the problem. Maybe LeBron can not co-exist with success. I do not mean individual success, I mean team success. In 2007 LeBron's Cavaliers lost in the finals 0-4 to Tim Duncan's Spurs. Some say that LeBron is the next Michael Jordan. I do not think so because Michael Jordan did not struggle with a jump shot or lose in the finals twice. Jordan won 6 championships and lost in 1 final. LeBron James struggled with his jump shot and has now lost in 2 finals. LeBron James is considered to be the star and the key player for Miami. LeBron James should not be because of tendency to lose in pressure situations in the playoffs. LeBron James is a good player but he is a little overrated. He is still an all-star he is just not as big. DeShawn Stevenson of the Dallas Mavericks was right about him. After all Stevenson must have been a little mad because LeBron James flopped a lot of times he was guarding him in the finals. This caused him to get on the free throw line not that it matters anymore since Dallas is Champions.If any Big 3 member is to be traded I say that it is LeBron James. Early in the season the Miami Heat were criticized for having weak links in Point Guard and Center positions. Joel Anthony should stay as starting Center so the just leaves Point Guard. Even though Mario Chalmers had done well in the playoffs he is still not the superstar I am sure he will develop into. LeBron James could be traded to the Nets for Deron Williams or to the Hornets for Chris Paul. I think that the Miami Heat can win a championship without making any big trades especially since Joel Anthony and Mario Chalmers continue to develop but if anyone is going to go it is LeBron. LeBron had little pieces build a championship in 2007 but he had them all in 2011. Maybe he should take lessons from the best player in the world Dirk Nowitzki.

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